blackberry_tablet_thumb1_thumb[1] mocoNews reports on more rumors and speculation surrounding RIM’s BlackBerry “BlackPad” tablet (which we’ve mentioned before here). If the speculation is right, the device could be unveiled as early as next week at a RIM developer conference.

Rumor places the device at 7” in size, smaller than the current iPad but the same size as the Galaxy Tab (and the rumored 7” iPad Apple is supposedly developing). The device would have Bluetooth connectivity, but would require a BlackBerry smartphone to connect to 3G Internet. It would run an operating system from QNX, which is better known for making embedded OSes for a number of applications (including nuclear reactors). (I also remember QNX from back in the ‘90s when they released a bootable desktop PC OS that would fit on a floppy disk.)

There’s not a lot that’s new about this story, except that we might be getting to see the tablet sometime soon. Will it manage to stand out from the crowd of other tablets and slates that are on their way, and will it be enough to save RIM whose BlackBerry OS 6 has been criticized as slow, buggy, and outdated?


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