Here is O’Leary’s talk. It is also covered in my Tools of Change notes. While the talk is a bit “jargonish” (I’m still not quite sure what “context” is) at least to those, like me, who are not in the industry, and the slides are certainly confusing, his overall points are extremely well taken. It’s worth your time to listen to it.

Context first: A unified field theory of publishing from Brian O'Leary on Vimeo.


  1. I am not sure who O’Leary’s target audience was, but I find this presentation overly complicated, with alienating language. It seems to be relevant to web 2.0 web sites and online newspapers and magazines. I cannot see any relevance to eBooks. His use of the term Context appears to be an attempt to confuse the use of web-like interconnected ‘hyperlinks’ with a more intellectual vision….. yawwwwn….

  2. Howard, Teleread is about eBooks; the talk is about a need to change the way that we create, manage and disseminate content (that is, workflow). If you don’t see the relevance of workflow to eBooks, give me a call. I’d be glad to help explain it.

    Paul, “context” is defined, explicitly, in the first 90 seconds of the talk. You are also invited to give me a call, if you want to discuss it.

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