Sometimes, you just have to say “enough already!” Sony’s latest effort in book discovery is just silly.

They are trying to match moods with books by having virtual flip cards with the mood you’re feeling and a book recommendation. Well, in the first place, my current mood (tired from a long drive) isn’t available, which makes me cranky. Whoops. That one’s missing too.

OK, let’s get creative. Hey, that’s there! So I’m supposed to read “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer. Teens at summer camp? In my current mood? Nope, I’m in the mood for an angst-free zone right now.

Perusing further, a possible mood is “Undead.” Really? I can’t say I’ve ever felt undead myself, and reading an Anita Blake ‘Vampire Hunter’ book is unlikely to make me feel different.

OK, enough Sony bashing. I applaud them for at least trying something new. Now if they could just aim for “new” and “not lame” at the same time.


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