sony reader storeYesterday, I received an email from the Sony Reader Store with a custom link to use to migrate my Sony store account. Has anyone else gotten this yet?

I clicked the link and expected a smooth transfer; I didn’t get it. Three attempts later, I finally got a prompt screen to call tech support, which I did; I spent quite some time on hold, and then was told my problem has to be ‘escalated to level 2.’ The rep seemed unsure of what would occur once that happened but said they have a special team set up to handle the Sony stuff.

Several posters at Mobile Read are reporting seamless, if incomplete transfers, just like people did with the Barnes & Noble transfers. Most, but not all books are going through. In a few cases, the missing books are even sold by Kobo.

Personally, I gave it one more try this morning and was told that my merge was successful but I didn’t have any books which transferred. I only had a few Sony store purchases, and I think all but one of them was a freebie, so I am not too upset. But I still don’t forgive Fictionwise for giving their Canadian customers no such options, so I guess I was hoping to get a book or two salvaged from Sony. Thanks to Calibre, I have them all downloaded, saved and ready to go at least!

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  1. I had 7 books at Sony. Five of them transferred (including a Louise Penny); two did not. The process was straight-forward and without incident. Previously, I had received a number of emails from warning me to download my library and that there was a drop dead deadline of March 20th at 6 pm.

    Personally, I think this was handled as well as could be expected. I will not mourn the Sony Ereader store as I found it hard to navigate and nothing really to attract me. I did find the Android Sony app to be quite good, however.

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