kindle unlimitedKindle Unlimited and the Only Amazon Numbers We Know for Sure (Dear Author)
But since the announcement of Kindle Unlimited, Amazon has shared (albeit reluctantly as you will see) actual numbers which show the performance of one of its most recent consumer launches.

Jane Austen’s Fashion history: 200 Years of Cover Designs – in Pictures (The Guardian)
It’s more than two centuries since Sense and Sensibility was first published, in three austere volumes. Things have grown rather more colourful since, with heaving bosoms, gilt-embossed curlicues appealing to different decades and demographics. Here are some of Jane’s many faces.

The Author’s Guild: Do More Than Hope (Joe Konrath)
Authors United has over 1000 signatories. If its next move was to demand authors get higher digital royalties, I’d sign on. If the AG went after the Big 5 in the media with the fervor if went after Amazon, I’d join.

Should Libraries be Making their Own eReader Apps? (GoodeReader)
The Queens Library system in New York has developed their own proprietary app for Android and iOS. It offers library patrons seamless search and access to audiobooks from Acoustik, magazines from Zinio, and eBooks from OverDrive and Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 platform.

Kindle Daily Deal: Turn of Mind (and others)


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