A press release distributed by Amazon early this morning explains that as part of its “continuing … commitment to support transitioning military service women and men,” the company plans to donate 2,000 Kindles to the nonprofit Operation Homefront “to support wounded service members and their families.” According to the release, Amazon has “also pledged to hire at least 1,200 veterans in the next 12 months.”

“Amazon is committed to supporting veterans as they transition from military life to civilian life,” says Dave Clark, Amazon’s vice president of global customer fulfillment. “As we continue to create jobs in the U.S., we want to ensure that our nation’s veterans know that Amazon is a destination where they can turn their unique skill sets into a robust career.”

Amazon miltaryAside from mentioning that Amazon “was named to the G.I. Jobs annual list of top military-friendly employers” for the second year running, the release doesn’t actually explain what the thinking was behind the Kindle donation. (Nor does it reveal which specific Kindle device the service members will be receiving.) It’s certainly a good PR move, and I suppose it’ll provide Amazon with a tiny tax write-off, but nevertheless, Amazon does seem to be truly genuine about the help it provides to American soldiers.

U.S. Veterans Magazine, for instance, including Amazon in its September 2012 list of the Top 100 companies that actively recruit veterans, and Military Spouse magazine recently recognized the company as a top military spouse-friendly employer.

Apparently, Amazon even “has a team made up of veterans that is devoted to military recruitment,” according to the same release, “and offers its veteran employees access to mentoring and career support to help them develop their skills into long-term careers at Amazon.”

Interested in learning more about Amazon and its military recruiting? Click here.

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