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From the Azardi blog:

AZARDI 7 was released today (21 Nov 2011). This version has a number of bug-fixes and feature updates.

the ePub3 support has been improved and most significantly the AZARDI Interactive Engine has been updated and included.

For more information and to download AZARDI 7 go to

AZARDI is strictly a desktop digital content reader. It works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Macs and Linux (Debian). As such it goes a lot further in digital content capabilities than mobile devices.

AZARDI has been designed for education, training and instructional content which requires large scale interactivity. The AZARDI Interactive Engine introduces advanced Question and Answer tools, Story line and Events modules to reduce production costs and time to market.

AZARDI 7 is licensed at no cost in its simple ePub3 form, and is available for customization for publishers and institutions.


  1. AZARDI 17 has been released with full IDPF fixed layout support with a unique implementation that handles minimal support like that on iPad, but includes fixed layout features that interprets both the metadata and spine properties in a literal manner. AZARDI 18 with publisher shelves and support for controlled channel content distribution is due out in time for TOC 13.

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