From the press release:

Bookeen is proud to present the Cybook Odyssey: the first e-Reader equipped with High Speed Ink System (HSIS) technology.  It has taken two years of development to create this technology which will revolutionize the electronic ink display. With the HSIS, the Cybook Odyssey paves the way for a new generation of e-Readers which are faster, more reactive and more fluid.

The launch of the Cybook Odyssey is set to dispel all previous misconceptions about electronic ink. Until now, the quality and comfort of electronic ink have enabled e-Readers to provide the ideal reading device for digital content. However, in recent years, the inertia of the e-paper technology has disappointed readers who are used to highly reactive touch-screen LCD tablets or smartphones.

Now with the launch of the Cybook Odyssey equipped with HSIS technology, Bookeen reveals the first ever e-Reader which works at high speed whilst also maintaining the properties of electronic ink.

With the HSIS, Bookeen:

  • has radically simplified the e-Reader user experience by making it more intuitive,
  • has crafted a user friendly interface directly inspired by the ergonomic of touch-screen tablets,
  • introduces a range of new features which have not yet been available with electronic ink.

The Cybook Odyssey will be available in Europe in the forthcoming weeks. The price has not yet been disclosed.

The Cybook Odyssey is the first e-Reader to incorporate:

  • the technology of a High Speed Ink System (HSIS) developed by Bookeen, for an instantly reactive screen which has never previously been achieved with E Ink®

The Cybook Odyssey is also equipped with the following features:

  • ·         a Cortex A8 processor (800MHz) adapted by Texas Instruments in collaboration with Bookeen,
  • a 6 inch E Ink® Pearl wide touch-screen embedded in a compact classy design,
  • fast Wi-Fi connectivity.

Other features will soon be revealed.


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