calibre.pngNew Features

Add a simple to use Rich text editor for comments to the edit metadata dialog.
E-book viewer: Add a right click menu item ‘Inspect’ that allows you to inspect the underlying HTML/CSS source of the currently displayed content
When deleting books from the library if a device is connected and the books are also present on the device ask the user if the books should be deleted from the device, the library, or both.
Add device drivers for Trekstore eBook Player 7, Sanda Bambook, ALuratek Color, Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus, Motorola Droid 2 and Sunstech EB700
Add an entry to the menu of the calibre library button to select a random book from your calibre library
SONY driver: Add a couple of special extra collections for all books by author and all books by title, to workaround the broken sorting on newer SONY models. To enable these collections, go to Preferences->Plugins->Device Interface plugins and customize the SONY plugin.
Edit metadata dialog: When downloading metadata, make the table of matching books sortable
Add a success message after a database integrity check completes successfully
Search and replace: When using regular expression mode, add a special input field ‘{template}’ that allows use the templating language to create complex input fields. Also allow setting of series_index by search and replace using the same syntax as in the book list, namely, Series Name [series number]
Bulk metadata edit: Add option to automatically set cover from the cover present in the actual ebook files
E-book viewer: Show format of current book in the title bar.
Add a tweak to control how author names are displayed in the Tag Browser and Content Server
FB2 Output: Restore sectionizing functionality

Bug Fixes

When in narrow layout, reserve 40% of available width in the book details panel for series/formats/etc and use the rest for comments
PDB Input: Fix failure to block-indent PML sections
Tag browser: When renaming items dont reset the library view and try not to scroll the Tag Browser itself
Conversion pipeline: Fix broken link rewriting for inline CSS embedded in HTML
Fix regression in 0.7.34 that broke recipes using extra_css to link to SONY device fonts
SONY driver: Don’t upload thumbnails as they slow down post disconnect processing on older models
Content server: Fix a bug that allowed remote users to read arbitrary png/gif/js/css/html files
On X11 initialize fontconfig in the GUI thread as Qt also uses fontconfig internally and fontconfig is not thread safe. Fixes a few random crashes on calibre strartup
When using the remove specific format actions, only show available formats in the selected books
Linux binary build: If setting system default locale fails, try setting locale to en_US.UTF-8 instead
Have the title sort tweak respected everywhere
PocketBook 701 driver: Swap the main memory and card drives on windows
Fix regression in templating that caused series_index to be shown even when book had no series
Content server: Fix regressiont hat broke browsing by rating
Content server OPDS feeds: Fix parsing of author names as XML


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