New Features

  • Auto-adding: Add an option to check for duplicates when auto adding.
  • Content server: Export a second record via mDNS that points to the full OPDS feed in addition to the one pointing to the Stanza feed. The new record is of type _calibre._tcp.
  • Allow specifying a set of categories that are not partitioned even if they contain a large number of items in the Tag Browser. Preference is available under Look & Feel->Tag Browser
  • Allow setting a URL prefix for the content server that run embedded in the calibre GUI as well.
  • Allow output of identifiers data in CSV/XML/BiBTeX catalogs
  • Driver for Motorola Droid XT910, Nokia E71 and HTC EVO 3D.
  • Cut down the time taken to launch worker processes by 40%
  • You can now configure the calibre settings for the currently connected device by right clicking on the device icon in the toolbar, instead of having to go through Preferences->Plugins

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-adding: Do not add incomplete files when files are downloaded directly into the auto add folder.
  • When running multiple delete from device jobs, fix the device view sometimes marking the wrong books as being deleted, after the first delete job completes.
  • MOBI Input: Handle files that have spurious closing and/or tags in their markup.
  • RTF Input: Strip out false color specifications, as they cause artifacts when converted to MOBI


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