New Features

  • When switching libraries preserve the position and selected books if you switch back to a previously opened library.
  • Conversion pipeline: Filter out the useless font-face rules inserted by Microsoft Word for every font on the system
  • Driver for Motorola XT875 and Pandigital SuperNova
  • Add a colour swatch the the dialog for creating column coloring rules, to ease selection of colors
  • EPUB Output: Consolidate internal CSS generated by calibre into external stylesheets for ease of editing the EPUB
  • List EPUB and MOBI at the top of the dropdown list fo formats to convert to, as they are the most common choices

Bug Fixes

  • E-book viewer: Improve performance when switching between normal and fullscreen views.
  • Edit metadata dialog: When running download metadata do not insert duplicate tags into the list of tags
  • KF8 Input: Do not error out if the file has a few invalidly encoded bytes.
  • Fix download of news in AZW3 format not working
  • Pocketbook driver: Update for new PB 611 firmware.
  • ebook-convert: Error out if the user prvides extra command line args instead of silently ignoring them
  • EPUB Output: Do not self close any container tags to prevent artifacts when EPUBs are viewed using buggy browser based viewers.
  • Fix regression in 0.8.50 that broke the conversion of HTML files that contained non-ascii font-face declarations, typically produced by Microsoft Word

(Via calibre Changelog.)


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