New Features

  • Drivers for the LG Optimus 2X, HTC Incredible S, Samsung Stratosphere and the Kobo Vox
  • Get books: Add store
  • Support hour/minute/seconds in datetime format strings in the template language and in tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Book detils preferences showing custom columns even after they have been deleted
  • Replace use of insecure tempfile in the bundled rtf2xml library.
  • Remove the suid mount helper used on linux and bsd, as it proved impossible to make it secure.
  • Do not error out if there is an invalid regex for title sort set in tweaks
  • Content server: Fix another place where –url-prefix was forgotten
  • HTML Input: Limit memory consumption when converting HTML files that link to large binary files.
  • T1 driver: Workaround for T1 showing error messages when opening some news downloads on the device
  • Kobo driver: Fix longstanding bug that would prevent re-adding a epub that has been previously deleted from the Kobo using calibre
  • Fix partial cover search not resuming after pressing back in the metadata download dialog
  • T1 driver: Fix auto refresh covers option
  • Content server: Do not show tracebacks in HTML output when not running in develop mode
  • Textile output; Fix out of memory issue when dealing with large margins.


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