image On Times Emit, James Bridle blogs about Victoria Barnsley (Harper Collins UK CEO) on e-book and new media publishing.


On Amazon, of the books which have both paper and Kindle editions available, Kindle sales account for 12% of the total. […]

Q (Chair). A sony/BMG executive speaking at the LSE recently talked about different behaviors of different sectors of the market, e.g. Country music fans the most ‘ethical’ when it comes to paying for CDs and downloads. Does Barnsley see different types of readers?

A. Too early to say. Cory Doctorow believes that the web has its own morality, and everything should be put up for free and will find a balance. Barnsley thinks some segments will gravitate to ebooks faster. Everybody used to think that non-fiction would be the hot ticket for ebooks, but actually it’s volume readers, eg. Romance, reading 3-5 books per week.

Also, discussion and screenshots of various web projects (Golden Notebook, Authonomy, Book Army).

Oddly, on the same blog, a tale appears about e-book saboteurs in London Picadilly.


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