Here’s another email I got this morning, this time from John Cog:

customized-new-disney-snow-white-kindle-screensaver1.jpgHi, Paul! I thought you might want to blog this! DIY Blogger Jessica Park is sharing some gorgeous (free) Disney-themed screensavers for the Kindle. Using rare black-and-white Disney artwork, she created a perfect 600×800 grayscale version of the Disney originals.

“In the spring of 2008, Disney unveiled the ‘Nouveau Collection,’ elegant designs inspired by classic art nouveau paintings. Available on journals, trinket boxes, faux stained glass suncatchers, and apparel, this re-imagining of some of Disney’s most popular princesses was a welcome change from the typically youth-oriented items sold at the Disney Store… but the series vanished almost as quickly as it appeared.”

Collaborating with another LiveJournal blogger, Jessica created new images for the Kindle’s screensaver directory, and shared them with the online community. And I love them, as a funny counterpoint to the Kindle’s pretentious pre-installed screensaver images of Harriet Beecher Stowe,John Steinbeck, and Edgar Allen Poe!


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