mac.jpegIReader review has a good article on the ins and outs of iBooks new self-publishing option. The “kicker” is that in order to do it you have to have a Mac.

The Mac requirement is an exceedingly annoying one. It’s the same with making games for the iPhone – you must have a Mac. The solution is to work with an iBookstore Aggregator.

The article then goes on to discuss aggregators and tells you where to find them.

Enjoy your new Mac!


  1. Sounds like an illegal tying arrangement to me. After all, the end product is a book, which supposedly can be read by anyone with enough ability to read. Perhaps tomorrow Jobs will decide to sell iPads only to people who prove they already own a Mac to insure some kind of tethered capability.

    Bottom line: This is why I have never bought an Apple product, object to being forced to use QuickTime, never used an Apple store, and if I can help it — never will. As bad as Microsoft is, Apple is significantly worse and every time someone buys an Apple product, they encourage Jobs’ paranoia and control fetish.

  2. Not sure why anyone would be shocked that Apple requires use of their own software to submit books to the iBookstore. They require the same thing for the App Store, but there they even require a Mac to create the app. This just looks like it’s a program to manage submissions, not to create the epub files. Considering how badly written most Apple software for Windows is alleged to be, who would want to use Apple written Windows software for this purpose?

    The one issue that seems to be missed is that there appears to be an ‘earnings threshold’ for selling books there like the App Store.

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