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From A Kindle World blog:

I just bought a Kindle book and saw, for the first time, a yellow box under the Amazon “Thanks” page, with the advisory:

  “For delivery to your Kindle, please verify that your device is sufficiently charged and your wireless connection is enabled.

  I guess there were more than a few times that people’s Kindle book deliveries didn’t quite work due to either of these reasons.

  In battery-use advisories, Amazon has recommended you never let your battery go below 25% and I’ve thought that was because things can go wrong when there’s not sufficient battery power left, due to  (1) keyword indexing going on in the background when you download new books or move books from your computer to the Kindle or (2) maybe a book file half-way downloaded will be aborted when there is less power than needed for whatever you want the Kindle to do next.  That leaves the e-reader in a half-completed state and then you’ll see glitches.

  Amazon has also said that Kindles use less battery power when you just let them go to sleep (sleep screen showing) OR if you put one to sleep by sliding or pressing the power button quickly, once.  I’ve had mine last 30+ days that way while I was gone, with almost no drain — showing the sleep screen.

For what Amazon has said about best battery maintenance practices, see the Amazon battery advisories I collected.


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