mHealth Summit 2013A couple of weeks ago, I attended the mHealth Summit here in D.C. (at the swanky Gaylord Convention Center even!). It was three days of  tech, apps and health-related stuff. It’s not quite the TeleRead beat, but I thought some of you might be interested in the articles I wrote about the Summit for GadgeTell, one of our sister sites. Especially check out the last one where a piece of Star Trek technology is close to reality.

mHealth 2013 Summit Technology Observations

Considering the tech focus of the Summit, it was nice to see technology used in interesting ways throughout the conference. Overall, their selections improved the experience.


Health Wearables: Do They Work? Answers from mHealth 2013 Summit

The first seminar I attended at the mHealth 2013 Summit discussed consumer wearables and their effect on health. According to the panelists, the results are mixed.


Gamification in Healthcare: Better Choices and Improved Health?

This was the seminar I’d been most looking forward to at the mHealth 2013 Summit, and it disappointed. I’m not sure how you make a panel on games boring, but they managed. That said, there was still good information presented.


MedSignals Smart Pill Box: For Good Medication Management

One of the cool things I saw in the vendor area at the mHealth 2013 Summit was the MedSignals Smart Pill Box by VitalSignals.


Why, yes I am old school and love Classic Trek 😉

Star Trek SickBay Bed! Well, Not Quite, But Close

In the weeks prior to the mHealth 2013 Summit, I received numerous press releases and offers to stop by vendor booths and interview people. Since GadgeTell has a consumer electronic focus, I ignored most of them, but this one did get my attention.


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