How Much Kno Sold for and Why it Failed (GigaOM)
Kno, launched with much fanfare, raised nearly $100 million in venture capital and debt, only to find out that the world of education didn’t care much for the company’s products or for that matter the company itself. It crash landed at Intel last weekend.

E vs Print? Burgers and Steak? (The Digital Reader)
This is not the first time I’ve used a ‘steak’ analogy; something about media consumption generally lends itself to the inevitable comparison.

eBooks Account for 22% of Revenue at HarperCollins (GoodeReader)
HarperCollins has just reported their latest quarterly results, which are the first ones produced since News Corp spun off their publishing division.

What Newspapers Can Learn from Brands (Media Shift)
A few weeks ago, the Financial Times announced it was taking the next steps in its “digital first” strategy, which includes consolidating its print edition, shifting from “reactive reporting” to “news in context,” and altering its production schedule to serve an audience that expects updates throughout the day.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Gravity of Birds (and others)

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