Details from Bookeen (via MobileRead).


  1. Well, Fred, here’s one Issue. I still can’t read books from the Fairfax County Public library on my Cybook loaner from Bookeen even though I did the later upgrade. Perhaps I did something wrong. I’d love to hear from other people to see if they still have problems with the Cybook displaying books from OverDrive’s library service. I intend to check into this and get a more definitive answer. I’m also having problems right now with OverDrive working with my Palm TX. Oh, the joys of DRM!

    Even if it is my fault, I shouldn’t have to subject myself to all this torture. Library e-books should just work.

    If Amazon ever does libraries, which I suspect it might someday, it could MURDER OverDrive with a smooth, well-integrated solution. In fact I wonder if Mobi’s library-related flaws are still there partly because Amazon wants to muscle in on OverDrive’s business eventually.

    For now, I notice, OverDrive seems to focus mainly on Adobe books. I wonder why 😉 Not that Adobe is a DRM paragon!


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