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Both Chris Meadows and I are Peter Watts fans and so I was excited to see that his newest novel, Crysis: Legion, has just been released in paper and ebook formats.

I just bought the Kindle edition, which is priced at $11.99 (Amazon says This price was set by the publisher.) The paper version lists for $16 and Amazon is selling it for $10.33.  It’s published by Random House Digital.

Got something else to finish first, then straight on to this one.

Here’s the Amazon description:


Welcome to the Big Apple, son. Welcome to the city that never sleeps: invaded by monstrous fusions of meat and machinery, defended by a private army that makes Blackwater look like the Red Cross, ravaged by a disfiguring plague that gifts its victims with religious rapture while it eats them alive. You’ve been thrown into this meat grinder without warning, without preparation, without a clue.

Your whole squad was mowed down the moment they stepped onto the battlefield. And the chorus of voices whispering in your head keeps saying that all of this is on you: that you and you alone might be able to turn the whole thing around if you only knew what the hell was going on.

You’d like to help. Really you would. But it’s not just the aliens that are gunning for you. Your own kind hunts you as a traitor, and your job might be a bit easier if you didn’t have the sneaking suspicion they could be right. . . .


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