quick note.pngA news release today says that, beginning this fall, Best Buy will carry the Kindle. The WiFi unit will be $139.99 and the 3G will be $189.99.

In addition to the Kindle, Best Buy will also be selling the Nook and the Sony Reader Touch, Pocket and Daily Editions.


  1. It’s also further evidence that Amazon is NOT selling devices below cost or as a loss leader. They must have enough margin built in so that Best Buy and others get a realistic cut — otherwise Kindle would not appear on their shelves.

    Hopefully Best Buy will merchandise the e-readers so direct device comparisons are possible. The other shoe — the bookstore — of course is not possible to demonstrate at an electronic outlet (and there is not incentive for the outlet to do so).

  2. The thought of an electronic book is very apealing, and the prices of these devices are getting more reasonable. I can envision school kids loading all their books and homework on them, why carry a heavy backpack filled with expensive and heavy books. And College kids and medical professions, I see a lot of potential and savings over using traditional books. Soon these devices could have the power of notebooks with SD type hard drives. Soon they will have color video capabilities, email and internet support, music etc. Its relly exciting how they may evolve.

  3. …Or, one could go out and get a Tablet PC today. They have all the power of notebooks in a booksized slate plus they run Windows apps like OneNote. No need to wait for evolution to run its course. 😉

    eBook readers have some evolving to do but turning them into PDAs and computers is probably not the most profitable road to take. If nothing else, other people are already serving those markets.

  4. @Alexander

    I’m not sure why you believe this is evidence that Amazon is not selling below cost. Sony has been selling the PS3 console below cost through retail chains.

    I don’t know if Amazon is selling below cost or not but don’t see this as evidence one way or the other.

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