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Apple iPod DRM case heats up, but might still fizzle

By Chris Meadows
December 7, 2014 // 1 Comment

The wheels of justice grind slowly, and sometimes a bit of grit gets stuck in the gears. This seems to be the case with the ten-year-old lawsuit against Apple over the DRM policies it used to enforce on iTunes Music Store music and iPods. Over the last couple of weeks, it’s started moving again, [ on]

Wall Street Journal misses boat again with anti-Amazon hit piece

By Chris Meadows
June 3, 2014 // 5 Comments

The Wall Street Journal has posted another scathing anti-Amazon editorial. It might be paywalled; if so you can bypass it by googling the headline. But I’m willing to bet you can guess pretty much exactly what it says without even reading it. Let’s review: the Wall Street Journal is owned by [ on]

Ashton Kutcher to help develop mobile devices for Lenovo

By Chris Meadows
March 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

Ashton Kutcher is taking his resemblance to Steve Jobs to a whole new level. Re/code reports that Lenovo has hired Kutcher on as a user interface engineer for its new tablet and smartphone products. Lenovo is buying Motorola from Google to beef up its mobile device chops, so it stands to reason [ on]

WSJ rumor mill highlights what people want, expect from Apple

By Paul St John Mackintosh
January 24, 2014 // 2 Comments

A recent and widely quoted report from the Wall Street Journal makes a couple of interesting calls about Apple iPhone developments supposedly in the works, quoting the customary “people familiar with the situation.” (Those people sure get familiar with a lot of situations.) And [ on]

iPad success secret: Building on the iPhone, and replacing laptops

By Chris Meadows
November 5, 2013 // 1 Comment

Wired is running an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Fred Vogelstein, looking at how Steve Jobs made the iPad successful when no other tablet ever had been. There’s an interesting parallel with e-readers in this story. No dedicated e-reader had ever been successful before Jeff Bezos pushed the [ on]

Apple E-Book Price-Fixing: A look back at the $9.99 boycott

By Alejandro Sanchez
August 17, 2013 // 12 Comments

Reading the latest news, it seems as if the actions taken by Apple in its earlier attempts at price fixing have always been obvious. It may come as a shock to some that this has not always been the case. The events that played out at the beginning of the post-Kindle e-book era have been tumultuous [ on]

Mark Zuckerberg's Life Story as an E-Comic Book

By Dan Eldridge
September 5, 2012 // 1 Comment

Ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon? Even if you haven’t, you’ve almost certainly experienced it: It’s a cognitive bias that occurs after you hear or see something that is relatively odd or obscure, and then begin seeing or hearing that same thing over and over again. [ on]

Judging books by their thickness: ‘Kids won’t read that!’

By Chris Meadows
January 28, 2012 // 1 Comment

We know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what about by its spine? On the Scholastic “On Our Minds” blog, Jessica writes about the common misconception that kids won’t read books that are too lengthy. But she notices there is significant evidence that this is a [ on]

Apple issues corrected version of Steve Jobs biography iBook

By Chris Meadows
October 26, 2011 // 1 Comment

I’m not sure whether you can really call this “ironic”, as misused as that word often is, but it’s certainly amusing. Apple has notified some purchasers of the Steve Jobs biography e-book on iBooks that they should delete the current version and download a new version at no charge, Macworld [ on]

Steve Jobs planned to go after e-textbooks next, biographer says

By Chris Meadows
October 23, 2011 // 1 Comment

Steve Jobs has been dead for a few weeks, and so it’s time for everyone to start prognosticating what Jobs really wanted, what he really thought about things, and what he had in mind for the future. Easy to do that when the man isn’t around to speak for himself. Much of this comes from Jobs’s [ on]

RIP Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

By Chris Meadows
October 5, 2011 // 1 Comment

News sites all over the Internet are carrying the news that Steve Jobs has passed away. There are plenty of eulogies, looks back at his life, and links to videos or texts of speeches he made or interviews he gave at one time or another, and since you can hardly turn around without finding them [ on]

Apple to announce new iPhone, (possibly) iPods October 4th

By Chris Meadows
September 27, 2011 // 0 Comments

The next Apple event is set to take place on October 4th, and the invitation going out to journalists is captioned, “Let’s talk iPhone”. This caption has led to speculation on the part of tech journalists that the new iPhone will include advanced voice-recognition features that have been in [ on]

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