Late yesterday we posted an item about the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum continuing to gear up to digitize its holdings (including 3-D objects.)

Today, we’ve read that HP is going to work with Sir Paul McCartney to digitize his personal library of images, artwork, paintings, film and videos, as well as masters of some of the most popular songs ever written. The library also includes album cover art.

From an Announcement:

Under the agreement, HP will work closely with MPL [McCartney Productions Limited] to digitize the material and design and build a state-of-the-art content management system. McCartney’s library will then be delivered through a private cloud environment. Portions of the library will be made available to fans so they can have a personal and unparalleled glimpse into McCartney’s work.


The agreement marks the first time that HP has collaborated with an artist in this way. In addition to changing how fans and artists will interact, the digitization of McCartney’s library will help preserve the history of one of the world’s most loved artists for future generations.

IDG News Service Includes Some Additional Info:

The collection includes some items that have not been seen before by the public. For instance, McCartney had cameras follow him while he attended events such as Live Aid, and that footage has not previously been released.


The content management system will let McCartney decide how much of the collection he ultimately wants to share, Shirk said. Once the content becomes accessible, McCartney will likely end up with a hybrid private-public cloud system that can accommodate spikes in traffic.

IDG also reports that between 30 and 100 HP employees will work on the project.

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