As Seen On TV logoDid you catch Barnes & Noble’s new 30-second TV spot for the Nook HD tablet? Along with the device itself, the commercial launched yesterday. And although it’s a bit too sickly sweet for my taste (scroll to the bottom of the post to see it yourself), I was intrigued by a brief item about the commercial on the Good E-Reader blog; it pointed out that aside from B&N, Amazon is the only other stateside tablet and e-reader company that has also chosen to push its tech products via television advertising. (Assuming you don’t count Apple, that is.)

I have no idea how many Kindle commercials have been produced, but I did find a great spot online—I believe it’s an advertisement for the Kindle 2—that I vaguely remember seeing back when it first aired. Give it a quick look, and see if it doesn’t bring back any foggy, years-old TV memories:


I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Kobo has released commercials for the Canadian market, although I wasn’t able to find any online. The video below, which is actually a compilation of super-short Kobo commercials, seems to have released by Chapters Indigo, the Canadian bookstore chain:


I also found this fantastic, two-and-a-half minute long Rakuten commercial produced for the Japanese market, which features the Kobo:


Here’s another 30-second Kindle commercial with a bit of a mud-slinging angle; it touts the Kindle’s E Ink screen by poking fun at the iPad’s inability to be easily read in direct sunlight:


Here’s a Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader spot. I’ve never actually seen this one on TV, so I don’t know how old it is, but it’s at least interesting in a historical sense: I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing many more e-reader commercials in the future, given what appears to be the quickly growing dominance of the tablet.


And speaking of e-reader-specific commercials, Sony apparently had a 90-second commercial produced for its Sony Reader PRS-650. Because the commercial is entirely dialogue-free, though, it’s tough to know which market the spot was produced for. (Maybe it was an online-only spot?)


And as for that horribly saccharine Nook HD commercial, which could have just as easily been hawking puppy food or toilet paper, here it is:


If you happen to know of any other e-reader commercials, post a link for us in the comments. We’re especially fond of international spots, like this one, for the aesthetically gorgeous (but generally unloved) Kyobo eReader:


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