From the press release:

Duncan Baird Publishers (including Watkins Publishing) has taken the decision to put our readers at the heart of our digital publishing by removing Digital Rights Management (DRM) from our trade epublishing list.

Working in close communication with our authors over the next two months we will begin the process by removing DRM from our epublishing list, starting with our forthcoming titles and moving on to the backlist of titles already available.

DBP, and our authors, believe that our readers should be able to read their book in whatever format and on whatever hardware they choose, so we are taking steps to make sure that our ebooks are, as much as humanly possible, not platform specific.

‘It’s your book – you bought it! We believe in that so much, we are removing the DRM from our books. This allows you the freedom to enjoy our book on any reader, or on any platform, you choose.’

Duncan Baird, Chairman of DBP

About Duncan Baird Publishers

Our policy is to publish books that are illuminating and inspiring, or practical and helpful, from authors who are outstanding in their fields or have original and important things to say. We pride ourselves on our standards of design, production, artwork and photography, and editorial attention to fluency, clarity, accessibility and accuracy.

Duncan Baird Publishers is a leading UK independent publisher of high quality cookery, lifestyle, art & culture and nutritional health books with authors including Daniel Galmiche, Marilyn Glenville, Natalie Savona, Dr Sarah Brewer and Tara Fraser.

Watkins Publishing has a list featuring both illustrated and non-illustrated books in the Mind, Body, Spirit, Spiritual Wisdom, Self-Help and Inspiration, and Health & Well-being categories, as well as continuing its long and illustrious tradition of publishing seminal esoteric titles.

Thanks to Digital Book World for the heads up.


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