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As reported yesterday, the Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi e-Ink model is now shipping internationally, to over 175 countries.


This blog article will highlight some software enhancements not listed in the official announcement earlier.  At the bottom, I’ll repeat the official list of enhancements.

Current Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi Models:   US:  For U.S. residents;   UK:  For UK customers   OTHER:  For Other International Shipping


Most of the unmentioned enhancements or Finds were made by avid explorer and commenter Tom Semple, whose full individual comments on all this can be found at the original software announcement article of April 11-14.  I’ll try to put the additional items in listed order but it’s best to read his explanations of what he’s found.  There are also features found by members of the Mobileread Forum.  And I’ve added a couple of items I noticed as well, although as of TODAY, 4/21, Amazon still had not updated me, so I downloaded the update today, as I now have some time to experiment, and tried a few things out.

We can now highlight ACROSS pages (something the older Kindles did and which had been much requested for the Touch) As mentioned by a few others, the screen background SEEMS lighter, and in the dark room in which I’m sitting right now, it looks more whitish than grayish though mine has always been pretty light relative to the older models.  

As a result the Regular font is strikingly clear and I don’t have to choose Sans Serif (although I like it) to get consistently stand-out clarity in the fonts.

Now we can ‘filter’ the display of the home screen or Archived Items folder to show only one category (Books, Periodicals, Docs, Audible, or Active Content [apps]) or ALL categories.  We had this with older Kindles so it’s good to see that again.  Tom, and most of us, would like a filter for Samples, but I put those into a Collection named ‘Samples’ as a work around.

The highlighting feature brings back to users of former Kindles the ability to search the highlighted word at Wikipedia (and via free 3G if you have the 3G version of the Kindle Touch and you’re in a no-WiFi area) and furthermore something else we hoped for — the ability to ‘Report Content Error.’   It also allows you to share passages at Facebook and Twitter, as the Keyboard models do.

Search seems to work more reliably and faster now, and the reason ‘Go’ has to be clicked is that SUBstrings can be searched successfully now (not true in the past).  I wouldn’t want it to start searching until I felt I was through typing the search-string I want.  In the past we had to navigate to the right, several steps, to choose searching of a book, or All Items on the device, at Wikipedia, etc.

I agree with Tom that browser scrolling is smoother and scrolls a larger portion. Menu option responses seem quite a bit faster for me now.

Re ‘Archived Items’ folder: In reply to one statement, I can still get to it via Title-sorting.  The Menu access is an alternate method and has been there before.  The Search feature at top does help, in addition to ‘1 of __’ at the top right letting you tap that to choose go to a Page number or ‘Titles starting with’ — which has been a nice, almost hidden feature on its own.

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