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Copia, the interactive eBookstore, announced that music critic Will Hermes will answer reader questions inside his book, the acclaimed Love Goes to Buildings on Fire.

Starting today, anyone who purchases a copy of Hermes’s much-lauded book from Copia can use the site’s free eReader app to post questions to the author in the margins of the eBook. Hermes will respond to the questions through Feb. 21, 2012.

While users have always been able to create and share notes on any eBook purchased from Copia, thanks to the platform’s app, this promotion marks the first time readers can converse with an author in the margins of their eBook.

“We are thrilled to have Will Hermes debut this promotion with us and showcase the interactive possibilities of our app,” said Seth Kaufman, VP of Merchandising and Marketing. “Will’s book is great conversation starter, not only because it breaks new ground in music history, but because it dishes on so many musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, and David Bryne.”

Hermes, a senior critic at Rolling Stone and a frequent contributor to NPR and the New York Times, has earned rave reviews for his examination of the New York music scene from 1973 to 1977, a vital five-year period that gave birth to punk rock, disco, and rap while also jump starting innovative minimalism, salsa and jazz scenes.

“I love talking about the book, and music in general, and this platform seems like a really interesting way to do that,” said Hermes. “Love Goes to Buildings on Fire is about artists pushing into new territories of communication; this sort of virtual book club definitely fits the spirit.”

“We look forward to other authors following Will’s lead and using our app to create special experiences for their readers,” added Kaufman. “In a retail environment where so many books are priced exactly the same, it’s nice to offer readers some truly special added value.”

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