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I received the following email from Kare Anderson.  I wonder if Readium might not be useful here:

I work as Leader, Collaborative Strategies for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, a research group led by John Seely Brown and John Hagel. We are exploring the possibility of creating some short ebooks that would be “social” – that is enable readers to share comments in the book. I have seen a bit about the Sophie Project, Monocle and understand Kindle enables friends’ comments. Have you come across any organization creating a shareable format?


  1. Our vision at Highlighter is to allow readers to interact with digital content the way they’ve always interacted with physical content.

    Highlighter allows you to share, save, and comment around specific sections of text and images.

    Paul, I’d love to give you an invite for our private alpha 🙂


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