tv networksLove it or Hate it, Common Core Should Include Journalism Education (Media Shift)
Launched in 2009, Common Core is a set of national standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy intended to enhance college and career preparedness as well as bring all states in line with international benchmarks.

Never Say Never: Why TV Networks Are Suddenly Ready to Unbundle (GigaOM)
Not so long ago, people argued that HBO wasn’t going to unbundle anytime soon, or ever. So what changed?

The Polish eBook Industry is on the Rise (GoodeReader)
The Polish eBook industry is starting to see some significant gains and rose 23% in 2013.

PEN Members Protest Banning of UK Memoir (English PEN)
Stephen Fry, David Hare and Tom Stoppard among leading writers to voice concerns over court ruling that prevents publication of memoir.

Kindle Daily Deal: Three Thrillers by Alan Jacobson


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