Nook has lost lots of moneyBarnes & Noble Has Lost Over 1 Billion Dollars on Nook (GoodeReader)
Barnes and Noble is quite transparent when it comes to their financial earnings and hold nothing back from investor calls and their reporting.

Adaptive, Attractive, Interactive: A New Chapter for Digital Textbooks (Futurebook)
With more and more educational institutes incorporating BYOD (bring your own device) schemes, education has come a long way from the slate tablet to the digital tablet.

Amazon, Please Unmute the Kindle (The Digital Reader)
A solution would be easy. Just give the Paperwhite text to speech. You don’t need a lab full of MIT Ph.D.s, or even one such brainiac, to puzzle this one out. The cost would be only a few dollars at the most and perhaps just a fraction of that.

Confessions of a ‘Pretend-I’ve-Read-It’ Aholic (Book Riot)
I’ll admit, most books I pretend to have read are classics. I was “WHAT DO YOU MEAN”-ed enough in high school for not having dates. I didn’t want to be “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU! YOU AREN’T A REAL READER”-ed as a 30 year old woman.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Green Line (and others)


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