From the Fortykey website comes this screenshot of a clever marketing idea:

Screen Shot 2011 12 09 at 8 53 58 AM

Actually, the book looks pretty interesting:


“A delicious steampunk nightmare dripping blood and oil from every crevice.”
Graham Edwards, Fantasy writer

“Not since Harlan Ellison’s ‘I Have no mouth and I must scream’ has there been a better depiction of man at the mercy of his own vindictive and sadistic creations.”
Paul Di Filippo, Science Fiction writer

“Now that I’ve read Cardanica, I won’t be taking any elevators.”
Roberto Grassilli

A steampunk story set in a poisonous world where huge trucks the size of ships plow across the treacherous sands.
The “Robredo” is a giant ship-truck, the darling of the local engineering world. Built of metal and wood, it’s powered by a “magic mix” of steam and bacteria …


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