From Aptara and Publishers Weekly:

Publishers Weekly (PW) magazine and Aptara announce that initial results from the 4th Annual eBook Survey of Publishers, conducted in April, reveal a 100% year-over-year increase in the number of publishers making greater than 10% of their annual revenues from eBooks (36% of eBook publishers surveyed as compared to 18% in 2011).  This marks the first year since the survey was initiated in 2009 that eBooks are making meaningful contributions to publishers’ top lines.

‘eBooks have reached a tipping point,’ said Dev Ganesan, President and CEO of Aptara. ‘The ‘more than 10% of revenue’ barometer has been used by analysts to indicate when eBooks will be considered big business for publishers. With more than a third of eBook publishers already there, I’d say it’s official.’

The further maturing of publishers’ eBook operations and the eBook market in the last year has also resulted in:

  • four out of five publishers now producing eBooks
  • with the majority doing so for more than half of their entire catalog,
  • yet standard operating procedure is still to release a print and digital edition, with only 11% of publishers issuing primarily digital-only editions

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