images.jpegActually this article is called “How to un-cripple your international Kindle” but the title is misleading. It is a very nice summary of how to use any Kindle’s wireless connections to get content that Amazon does not offer. I even learned a thing or two about Calibre. I never really know how the news functions of Calibre worked, but now I’m going to try them out. Here is what Charlie Sorrel says:

Calibre’s best trick, though, is its Fetch News feature. This works just like podcasting, only it’s for text (and pictures). Choose from a built-in list of newspapers and magazines ( is in there) and it will scrape the site at scheduled intervals and crunch the articles into an e-reader-friendly form. When you plug your Kindle into the computer, Calibre sees it and automagically sends the new issues across. They’re formatted just like the newspapers you might buy from Amazon.

Dig a little further and you can add custom sources. Plug in the URL of a newsfeed, choose persistence and schedules and you’re good to go. Calibre will grab any new items and package them up into an e-newspaper for you. It can even grab your feeds from Google Reader or Instapaper (and it does a better job that Instapaper’s own solution).


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