Amazon Appstore Halloween Bundle

The Amazon Appstore is hosting another juicy seasonal bundle of giveaway apps, from games to useful utilities. But if you try to implement the “Scary Good Deals” limited-time offer on your new $50 Kindle Fire, you’ll hit some difficulties – or at least, I did.

The problem is that the banner ads and notifications for these deals don’t come up in any obvious place on the Kindle Fire – at least for me. They don’t show up on the Home tab of the Kindle Fire’s main launcher. They don’t show up under Apps, or Games. And when you click on the Amazon Appstore icon, there’s a link to Halloween-themed games and apps – but not to the giveaway offer itself.

So far, there are only two easy ways I’ve found to take advantage of the offer. One is to do the whole thing from the desktop, and then send the apps to my Kindle Fire. The other is to type in the app names individually in the device’s Appstore app. At least the discounts come up when I do this. But it seems to go against the whole principle of a limited-time grab-it-now offer.

In the case of the AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security app, part of the bundle, we’re talking about a $11.99 app being given away for free. So obviously there are some serious savings there to pick up. Doesn’t it make sense to make this as easy on users as possible? Or have I missed something?


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