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From The Tribune:

Students in grades six through 12 in Coast Unified School District soon will be studying and reading on new iPads.

The district’s Board of Trustees unanimously agreed June 21 to a nearly $198,000 lease-purchase of 390 64 gig, Wi-Fi enabled, 3G model iPad computer tablets.

The district will pay about $450 for each comparable iPad, which currently sells for $730 at Verizon in San Luis Obispo. Fewer iPad 2s are available because a new model was released in March.

“We couldn’t afford not to do this,” district Assistant Superintendent Karl Dearie said. “It can be so much less expensive than textbooks … some high school texts cost $135 each.” Many texts “are available online, much cheaper, and some of them are free. Ultimately, the iPads will save us a tremendous amount of money.”

More details in the article.  Thanks to Michael von Glahn for the link.


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