YW_Complete_Set_mediumA couple more e-book-related news items from Diane Duane’s blog that hit in recent days:

First, Duane is now able to make available multi-format bundles, including both EPUB and Kindle/MOBI, for all the DRM-free e-books in her store. (And .LIT will be added to these bundles as well, over the next month.) To celebrate, she’s running a week-long 20%-off sale using the coupon code BUNDLE. (When you place the order, you will enter the code on the very last screen after you verify your PayPal information.)

Second, Duane has added a package deal where all nine volumes of the “International Edition” of the Young Wizards series can be purchased together for $39.99, a 20% savings from purchasing each book individually. (And that “BUNDLE” coupon code works here, too, for additional savings.) These editions of the Young Wizards books have been proofed by Duane herself, so will presumably not have the typos that plagued the versions from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Apart from that, these are still the original editions, not the “New Millennium Editions” that will incorporate revisions into the first four books.


  1. The error rate is in the range 20-100, depending on the book. (At least one of the later books is supposed to be a “clean scan” though). I’ve submitted the errata for the first 3 books; I don’t know when they’re going to be revised. The number of stealth scannos / real word errors seems fairly limited. I’d be surprised if it was as high as five per book. The first book has the most errors. Book 3 would be at the lower end of the range, if it didn’t suffer from soft hyphens (i.e. the original print hyphenation has effectively been left in for ADE). And I think book 2 would be significantly improved by fixing one particular hard-to-spot but unfortunate error: And all this would never have happened if you hadn’t made the Firebringer’s old mistake, if you hadn’t stolen fire from Heaven and given it to mortal matter to play with. They’ll bum themselves with it, as always.

  2. It’s not clear whether there are any location restrictions on the bundle. Her website store says the international editions are for people outside of the US and Britain but does that mean those of us IN the US are stuck buying from Amazon? Which means I won’t be buying any of the books since I don’t buy Kindle ebooks AND Apple’s iBookstore (I have no problem with Apple DRMed ebooks.) only has 6 of them from the original publisher ( decently priced but still…)

  3. Answered my own question – Most of the books in the International edition have a publisher’s note that includes the text “available only to readers outside of North America” but Paypal took my money and I was able to download them anyway. Now, onto the reading portion of the evening…

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