archieLibrary media service Hoopla Digital continues adding media partners. I just got an email from a publicist passing along word that Archie Comics is adding a number of comic titles to the service, including Mark Waid and Fiona Staples’ Archie reboot, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Black Hood, and more.

I took a look at the first few issues of the Waid/Staples reboot—it’s available in the form of a graphic novel consisting of the first six issues. It’s certainly amusing, and it’s definitely Archie even if the gang all have new modern looks. Happily, there are some of the older Archie comics there, too, if you prefer them in their “classic” appearances.

As I noted when I reviewed the service a few months ago, all you need is a library card with a participating library to sign up, and then you can check out between 4 and 15 titles per month, depending on your library’s subscription. Available media include e-books, audiobooks, music, digital comics, TV shows, and movies.

Media are viewed or played from within Hoopla’s own application, and can’t be exported for use with other apps or services. It’s a decent video player and not a bad e-reader either, though I wouldn’t mind being able to use other apps to read the e-books.

Hoopla stocks over 500,000 titles, and has partnerships with more than 950 public libraries. As streaming video services go, I have to admit that it’s one of the better bargains out there if you have a library card from a participating library.


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