SHAREit logoCourtesy of a bundled install on my Lenovo A7-10 tablet, I’ve discovered the wonders of SHAREit – the cross-platform file sharing app that claims to be “200 times faster than bluetooth” and, surprisingly, works without a WiFi or mobile data network. Readers of my other posts on file transfer will know this is a topic of interest to me, and I do hate having to sit through the long file transfer times with Bluetooth – when it even works. Now it seems that my struggles with larger music or PDF files have been solved.

SHAREit apparently works by using devices’ WiFi setup, whether on a mobile device or a PC, to create a dedicated WiFi hotspot that isn’t constrained by the speed of the network. Hence the fast file transfer speeds. It’s as easy as anything to set up – just download the app for iOS or Android, or the PC desktop program, sign in or create an ID, scan for nearby devices using SHAREit, and start transferring. I’m not too clear yet on the actual speeds, but it certainly feels far faster than Bluetooth.

SHAREit claims over 300 million users, and on the strength of this tryout so far, I can see why. Give it a whirl and your thumbs may need less twiddling.


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