Here’s a fun infographic, oddly appropriate to publish on April 1, since that was the day in 1976 that Apple Inc. was founded.

I have been off and on using Apple products since the Macintosh 128K. I still remember my mom being told to get a Commodore 64 because “we’d never need more than 64K of memory.” However, even as a long-time Apple user, there were plenty of items in this infographic which I never knew. I guess I should have known that the Macintosh is an actual variety of apple, but since they aren’t my favorite fruit, that was new to me.

I do remember all the versions of the logo, except for the first one. Good change, guys.

Anyway, have fun with the facts here. Anything a particular surprise to you?

37 Interesting Stats & Facts about Apple – Infographic - An Infographic from ShopOnLess

Embedded from ShopOnLess


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