“Though Ministry spokeswizards have hitherto refused even to confirm the existence of such a place, a growing number of the wizarding community believe that the Death Eaters now serving sentences in Azkaban for trespass and attempted theft were attempting to steal a prophecy. The nature of that prophecy is unknown, although speculation is rife that it concerns Harry Potter, the only person ever known to have survived the Killing Curse, and who is also known to have been at the Ministry on the night in question.” – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The Bono, DMCA and DRM angles: The Potter series, of course, won’t be public domain in the States until 70 years after J.K. Rowling‘s death, and, meanwhile, thanks to the DMCA and DRM, most people won’t be able to make legal backup copies even if Rowling relents and permits e-book versions. Most likely, they would appear with the usual “protection.” Oh, in case you’re curious, Rowling will be 40 years old on July 31. If she lives to be 70, then, Harry Potter won’t be on the Net in the public for another century. Hello, John Edwards? Doesn’t the literacy angle, if nothing else, get you?

Related: Richard Stallman‘s Don’t Buy Harry Potter Books–inspired by an order to some Canadians not even to read Potter books sold ahead of time. How quaint. Illegal copies of Potters are circulating all over the world on the Net and the copyright zealots worry about this?


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