ThinkPad StackLenovo has rolled out a new line of PC peripherals with a new modular concept. ThinkPad Stack incorporates a wireless router, a Bluetooth speaker, a 1TB USB 3.0 external hard drive, and a mobile power bank to support multiple mobile devices over USB – all in the same rectangular stackable form factor. Dimensions are 5.5 in x 3 in (14 cm x 8 cm), and the total weight with all units together is 900 g.

All the units connect via a proprietary port which can also transfer power from one to all the others, and otherwise interface with other devices through USB, Ethernet, and other standard connectors. The whole stack retails for the not-inconsiderable price of $389.97, but each unit can be purchased separately and stacked together later if you don’t want them all. I can imagine it suiting some roaming computing lifestyles and convention-visitor gadget bags. Obviously the whole setup is designed to support mobile devices as much as a ThinkPad, and it could power your e-reading or mobile device, provide it with WiFi, house your entire ebook library or work in progress, and give you music to read or write by. So how does that stack up for you?


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