Many books.netHey, Fritz, I’m glad too. Thanks for the update. Doesn’t it say something about U.S. copyright law when a valuable public domain site goes down, and people almost instantly start thinking, “DMCA”? Unlike Blackmask’s David Moynihan, Matt McClintock, the guy, is running a by-the-book operation. Meanwhile, no, I haven’t heard anything new on David M. Has anyone else? I still hope that Blackmask can somehow make peace with Conde Nast and return with its much-missed multiformat collection.


  1. Heck, Branko, I think we’re counting angels on a pinhead. Fritz did allow for the possibility of something nefarious, and there was no reasons he had to agree with me. More significantly, one of the problems of the DCMA is that it does not provide sufficient due process before a site is taken down (although in the Blackmask case David Moynihan at the very least had plenty of warning). Anyway, go ahead and get in the last word here. Thanks. David

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