6937238953_ab83e78554_mSome eBooks are Hacking You (GoodeReader)
According to research done by Android Police, Google Play Books contains a number of books billed as guides for popular games –each one promising cracked Android application packages (APKs). Of course, it is too good to be true…

Data Might be the New Oil, but a lot of us Just Need Gasoline (GigaOM)
One of the biggest tropes in the era of big data is that data is the new oil.

Pubslush Foundation Gives Grant to Nanowrimo (GalleyCat)
The Pubslush Foundation revealed a new grant for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

13 Delicious Comics about Cooking and Eating (PW)
Since cooking and eating are universally shared activities as well as quintessential aspects of all cultures, it’s no surprise that food has been the subject of a number of comics.

Kindle Daily Deal: Smash Cut (and others)

Image credit: Via Flickr user George Thomas under a Creative Commons license

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