novelsKilling Even More Sacred Cows of Publishing: #1… Novels Must Be A Certain Length (Dean Wesley Smith)
You hear this myth spouted from almost every blog or young author or young editor at one point or another. The writers spouting this myth all go on about how a novel doesn’t have value, readers won’t like it, the author won’t feel complete unless the novel they write is at least 80,000 words long or longer.

Reading, Depression, and Me (BookRiot)
For long periods of my life, hitting low points meant turning to books, rather than turning away from them. I could sit down on a weekend and devour 4 or 5 novels in no time. Sinking into another world, one entirely outside of my head, meant getting away from the disease.

Yes, the Success of the “American Sniper” Enhanced Edition is a One-Off (Inks, Bits & Pixels)
In short, yes, this is a one-off success and not a bellwether for a new market, and I have a simple explanation as to why.

How to Edit and Proofread Your Way Around the World (Global English Editing)
This guide will explain to professional editors and those seeking to become editors how they can sustain themselves financially while being location independent.

Kindle Daily Deals: Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival (and others)


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