Screen shot 2009-11-05 at 8.58.43 AM.pngA new ebook price comparison site has launched – EbookMetaFinder. If anyone uses it please let us know how well it works.

TeleRead contributor John Miediema says that he will be revising his OpenBook 2 WordPress plugin provides an easy way to insert book covers, titles and other bibliographic data into WordPress content. He will be adding new features and now is the time, he says, to request additional ones. Take a look here.

Martyn Daniels, at Brave New World, has some comments on the agency model. One of them is:

What the agency model clearly does is promote more authors to go solo on digital rights. The prize for digital self publishing has just risen and although this may not be a big issue for the major houses today, it is certainly one that is growing and sharpening its teeth.

According to CNet, Israel has lifted the ban on the iPad. No further details are given.

Update: Resource Shelf just emailed me with three more sources of info:

1) The official notice from the Israeli Dept. of Communications

2) GLOBES (Israeli Business Pub)

3) Haaertz (National Newspaper)


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