50b2010cov007f450w675web.jpgFrom the press release:

A revised and expanded new ebook about ebooks, published today, is packed with information about how to understand, and enjoy, the digital reading revolution. The book, soon to be released as a 368-page paperback, is now available in ebook editions which contain all the same information as the paperback — yet sells for less than four dollars.

Published by Zorba Press (in Ithaca, New York), 50 Benefits of Ebooks is a lively introduction to the brave new worlds of ebooks and electronic publishing. This revised edition (now 66,000 words) is 25% larger than the September 2009 edition, and contains ten new chapters. The ebook — now available in PDF and EPUB — is priced at $ 3.99.

A Kindle version will be released on October 21, an iBookstore version on October 14, and a paperback version on November 1.

You can find it here.


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