Moderator’s note: We’re pleased to welcome Rob Preece as a regular TeleBlog contributor. I haven’t always agreed with his comments on others’ posts, but I’ve enjoyed them, and as a publisher and bookstore operator, he’ll offer his own special perspective. – David Rothman

Rob PreeceI discovered e-books as the ideal mix of my love for books and my one-time career in technology.

Because I read and write science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and romance, I opened the small electronic publisher,, specifically to address these genres of fiction.

I believe that e-publishing offers the opportunity to expand the reading audience, so I’ve made a point of setting a price point that will encourage people to try new authors and take a chance with reading. Although I’m not a fan of DRM, I’m a true believer that authors and publishers create value and deserve to be paid for it.

When I’m not reading or writing, I study the martial arts, fence, plan long distance bicycle trips, and I’m a professional bridge instructor. You can find out more about me at my blog.


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