GigaOM is reporting today that Samsung has become the first major computer vendor to stop producing desktop computers.

From the report:Samsung

“Speaking to The Korea Times on Monday, a Samsung executive said, “Demand for conventional desktop PCs is going down. We will allocate our resources to popular connected and portable devices.”

It was unclear from the report whether the shift away from computers included laptops or not. I have been getting by just fine with a Macbook as my main PC for years, but I am not ready to give up having one altogether.

My iPad is fine for Internet browsing and for light word processing, but I find that for any heavier type of content creation, it is not the best solution. I also like having a hard drive so I can manage media files and organize documents. I’m not ready to live my whole life off a smartphone!

However, I do concede that a large and clunky desktop might be a thing of the past. If Samsung can make a good laptop, and pair it with a smart mobile device to go with it, this may be a smart decision for them.


  1. I checked the Samsung site and obviously they only sell “All in One PCs” where everything is in the monitor (like with an iMac).

    I see a future for Desktop PCs (for Gaming, productivity…), but I believe people who don’t require powerful hardware chose laptops and people who do video editing or gamers or people with other special requirements prefer to build their own machines. I don’t believe there will be a market for complete PCs (and especially not on Samsungs price level!).

  2. PS: Julie, I have the Samsung Ativ 700t – it’s a great Win8 tablet with detachable keyboard, and they still produce regular laptops.
    I mean, the hardware is great, and Win 8 not Samsung’s fault.

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