dragonvariation Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, authors of the Liaden Universe stories (including the Storyteller’s-Bowl-financed drafts of Fledgling and Saltation that I mentioned here), are holding an e-book giveaway contest to give away 36 e-book copies of The Dragon Variation, the omnibus edition of the first three novels (chronologically) of the “main” Liaden Universe series.

The contest is open only to people who have not read any of the Liaden Universe novels before. Contestants may enter by leaving a comment on the blog entry linked above, until midnight Friday, July 16th. After the entry period concludes, 36 commenters will be selected to receive free copies of the DRM-free, multi-format Baen e-book.

Of course, even if you don’t enter the contest or don’t win, at $5 for three terrific books it’s a good enough bargain that you should just go ahead and buy it from Baen Webscriptions anyway. Though this may lead to you needing to buy the rest of the series, too…

(Full disclosure for the FTC: by blogging about the contest, I am entered in a drawing to win a $36 Barnes & Noble gift card. However, I would have done so anyway—I didn’t even notice the blogger giveaway until after I’d written this entry.)



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