Spotify Chromecast offerMy ChromeCast is one of my favorite resources for all kinds of things, but especially for listening to audiobooks and screencasting from my mobile devices. I can play Librivox audiobooks or YouTube uploads over my big screen. I can read ebooks onscreen if I want to, or cast them for my kids, via the ChromeCast. And now Spotify is offering free second-generation ChromeCasts to US and UK subscribers who sign up for its Premium service.

As the Spotify offer page explains, “buy 3 months of Premium for $29.97 and get a ChromeCast, on us.” (The UK link is here.) The Spotify Premium subscription reverts to $9.99 per month after the first offer period. However, better act now if you want to take this up: As Spotify warns, the offer is only open “until 11:59pm CET on February 28th 2016, or while supplies last.”

Also, Spotify may not be everyone’s first choice for audiobooks, but it does have quite a few audiobook options of its own. Some of the best options are at this link, but you can probably find out others yourself elsewhere. And the Spotify/ChromeCast pairing gives you an ideal platform for your home listening.

At $35 for the basic second-generation unit, a ChromeCast is hardly likely to break anyone’s bank anyway. But if the Spotify Premium/ChromeCast deal makes sense to you, go for it – while you can.


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